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Obstacles to success can come in all shapes and sizes.

SurveyGizmo is versatile enough to efficiently solve your organizational problems – no matter how challenging and complex they are.

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Business solutions designed for organizations of all sizes

From solving problems within one department, like collecting and communicating product feedback data to creating comprehensive solutions to solve a challenge that involves the entire organization, the application used must be powerful and flexible enough to handle anything that’s thrown at it.

The SurveyGizmo platform offers the adaptability to be molded to fit any organizational need and the versatility to be an extensive data application to scale as large as your business problem.

Trusted by the world’s best companies.

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The best professional survey tool there is at a great price.
Peter Varga
Head Researcher, Flash Media Group
FedEx General Electric ExxonMobile
I find SurveyGizmo invaluable and use it every day.
Joy Walko
Office Manager, Stark Leadership
Bloomberg Television Kaiser Permanente Medtronic


SurveyGizmo is built to integrate with your other enterprise systems – such as Salesforce, Marketing Cloud, and more. Our integration capabilities result in a seamless data connection to reduce the amount of systems and applications used to solve your business challenges – boosting efficiency and reducing cost.


The key to a successful enterprise solution is the ability scale to the size of your problem. SurveyGizmo was created to be versatile enough to scale to perfectly fit your challenge. When you’re ready to throw a new challenge at SurveyGizmo, rest assured, it’ll be ready.


Data security is the number one priority for all organizations. SurveyGizmo protects all user data to the highest industry standards, leaving you with the peace of mind that all data elements stored within SurveyGizmo will be safe and secure – 24/7.

Advanced Survey Platform for Teams & Enterprise

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